Winter Warmers

As the cold weather sets in, it’s important to make sure you’re keeping warm. With huge developments in eco-friendly methods of generating energy, biomass boilers have become more commonplace, and more efficient.

Biomass pellets are the most effective source of biofuel for your biomass boiler or stove as they are highly compressed with a low moisture content, generating much more energy as heat than wood.  

Choosing the right biomass pellets for you

At the Super Calorific Pellet Company, we produce high quality wood biomass pellets as a greener, cleaner alternative to traditionally used fossil fuels such as coal. We use only FSC UK approved, locally sourced wood waste to make our pellets, much of which was destined for landfill.

Our premium biomass pellets are highly efficient at producing energy as heat due to their high calorific value. The wood waste is dried and compressed, reducing its moisture content to around 6%. What’s left is a small, smooth pellet made of dense, combustible material. This denseness ensures a longer burn at high temperatures, so this biofuel produces a great deal of energy – much more than wood alone.

Using exciting new technology, we also produce torrefied pellets. Also known as black pellets, they have a texture that resembles coal. The wood waste is heated to over 200°c in the absence of oxygen, then compressed under extreme pressure to produce the pellet shape. They have even less moisture content than regular biomass pellets, burn for longer and produce no smoke or ash. They also produce more energy per weight, meaning they are more cost-effective.


Are wood biomass pellets environmentally friendly?

We at the Super Calorific Pellet Company are passionate about reducing waste. All of the material used to produce the wood pellets comes from locally sourced FSC UK wood waste, much of which would have ended up in landfills. This means that by using our biomass pellets, you are actively helping to reduce waste. Even better, all the material used to produce our pellets is BSL accredited and ENPlus certified, so we can be sure it is ethically and responsibly sourced and always will be. This not only ensures the highest quality products, it also makes sure there is the least amount of impact on the environment as possible.


How can I buy biomass pellets?

Our simple online ordering system makes buying your wood biomass pellets quick and easy. Choose from individual 15kg bags or opt for pallets and stock up. Our torrefied pellets are hydrophobic so can be stored outside, offering you year-round storage. This allows you to bulk buy, reducing costs as well as the amount of deliveries, lowering your carbon footprint.


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