Torrefied Pellets Explained

Here at The Super Calorific Pellet Company, we produce wood biomass pellets as a fuel for your biomass boiler at home, or in the workplace. This handy guide on torrefied pellets will tell you more about what torrefied pellets are, how we make them and the benefits to you.

What are Torrefied Pellets?


Torrefied pellets are an exciting new type of wood biofuel 
that has undergone the process of torrefaction to produce ‘black pellets’. They are an excellent and efficient biofuel that burns hotter for longer, has a higher calorific value and lower moisture content. This means you need less of them than regular biomass pellets to fuel your biomass boiler at home or in the workplace.


What is Torrefaction? 

Torrefaction is the thermal process of heating wood waste to a temperature of 200 – 400°C in the absence of oxygen to prevent combustion. To create torrefied pellets, it is then put under extreme amounts of pressure to compress it into the pellet shape. The end result is biomass pellets that are stable, coal-like and have better fuel characteristics than the original biomass. These pellets are an excellent biofuel that is highly durable and produces no visible smoke with much less ash. They are also hydrophobic, so they repel and resist water.

What are the benefits of Torrefied Pellets?

Put simply, 1 tonne of torrefied wood pellets will provide the same heat when burned as 1.27 tonnes of normal wood pellets, making them a fantastic source of biomass energy. This is because the calorific value has been increased relative to the weight. As less pellets are needed, you spend less money on pellets each year, plus the carbon footprint is lowered as less deliveries are required. Unlike normal biomass pellets, due to their water-resistant properties, torrefied pellets can also be stored outside.  

Are Torrefied Pellets eco-friendly?



Biomass pellets from The Super Calorific Pellet Company are a greener alternative to fossil fuels such as coal. Our biomass pellets are made in our UK manufacturing centre using locally sourced FSC wood waste. This ensures they are as environmentally friendly as they can be, while having as low a carbon footprint as possible.




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