Torrefied Wood Pellets

Torrefied Wood Pellets are a new and exciting type of biofuel. Also known as black pellets, new technology has created this excellent, efficient fuel source that burns hotter for longer, has a higher calorific value and lower moisture content than standard wood pellets.

Customers therefore require less torrefied pellets to fuel their biomass boiler, saving money each year and reducing the carbon footprint as less deliveries are required.

Storing your pellets outside or in damp conditions is also much easier, thanks to the fact that torrefied pellets are hydrophobic, meaning they repel and resist water.

What is ‘Torrefaction’?

The torrefaction process involves heating the wood waste in the absence of oxygen to extreme temperatures, typically 200℃ – 400℃.

This changes the chemical composition and removes low quality energy, meaning that the torrefied pellets then produced are more durable, more hydrophobic and create much less ash.

Why choose torrefied wood pellets?

In addition to producing less dust and ash, and the benefits of water resistance to help with storage, the calorific value is increased relative to weight.

For example, 1 tonne of torrefied wood pellets will provide the same heat on burning at 1.27 tonnes of standard wood pellets.

Using torrefied wood fuel helps individuals and businesses boost the reliability and productivity of their biomass boiler, all while making financial savings.