New Year’s Resolutions: Reducing Waste

The New Year brings change, and with it comes New Year’s Resolutions. Something that’s big on people’s minds, and certainly on ours, is how to reduce the amount of waste we are generating year on year.

There has been a huge conversion to biomass boilers over the last few years, with people wanting to reduce their impact on the environment by choosing greener, cleaner options and reducing the use of traditional fossil fuels such as coal.

Here at The Super Calorific Pellet Company, we are passionate about reducing waste. All of our biomass pellets are made using only locally sourced FSC UK approved wood waste, and are free from additives and chemicals. Much of the wood waste we use to produce our premium biomass pellets was destined for landfill. We take this waste material and turn it into a highly efficient biofuel that is sustainable and cost-effective, reducing the amount of material dumped into landfills and helping to lower our impact on the planet.

During the production process, the sawdust or wood chips are put under incredible amounts of pressure to compress them into the small pellet shape. In doing so, up to 95% of the moisture is removed, ensuring as high a calorific value as possible. The final product is a wood biofuel that burns hotter and for longer than wood, produces more energy as heat, is smokeless and creates virtually no waste.

It is essential to ensure that the very best wood pellets are used for maximum efficiency, reliability and longevity of the biomass boiler system itself. Our biomass wood pellets are very high quality with a high density of material, so they burn efficiently and produce very little waste as ash. Our torrefied wood pellets are our best quality biomass pellet; a coal-like product that burns for longer than regular biomass pellets, so you need less to fuel your boiler.


At our UK manufacturing centre, we also have systems in place to reduce our waste further. Water that is extracted throughout the pellet production process is recycled and used in our heating systems to keep us warm. Any gas that is emitted during the torrefaction process to create our torrefied pellets is recirculated to fuel the torrefaction heaters.


So if you’re looking to reduce your waste this year, take a look at our biomass wood pellet options or get in touch today and join us in lowering the impact on our environment.