Guide to Wood Pellet Boilers and Stoves

Are you looking for cleaner, greener ways to heat your home or business? Using wood pellets to fuel your biomass boiler or stove will greatly reduce your carbon footprint, as well as generating significant money savings over time.

Biomass energy has increasingly become one of the most important changes we can make to help reduce our waste in this country, as well as helping to meet the crucial sustainability targets laid out in the government’s environment plan.


Why should I get a biomass boiler/stove?

Over the last few years biomass boilers and stoves have become more popular and more widely available. With exciting developments in the industry, they are now more efficient than ever, with many achieving up to 91% efficiency.

Small biomass stoves are a fantastic warming addition to your home, providing an impressive amount of heat. If you would like to keep your gas boiler for now, a biomass stove can help cut the costs by lowering your use of central heating. Much like a typical log burner, only much more efficient!

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Larger systems like biomass boilers or bigger stoves can be ‘combi’ functional, providing your entire home or workplace with central heating and hot water. Even better, some of the models have cooking capabilities as well with an integrated hob and oven which can be temperature controlled, so you can cook on it like you would any other oven/hob. Some biomass stoves also have hob covers to further increase the efficiency of the system while the hob isn’t being used.

With savings of up to £800 per year compared to a typical electric heating system, plus the convenience of automatically pellet-fed biomass boilers and stoves, there’s plenty of reasons to switch.


What is the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive?

The RHI is a government financial incentive to promote and encourage the use of renewable heat. Joining the scheme means you will receive quarterly payments over a period of seven years for the amount of clean, green renewable heat it’s estimated your biomass boiler or stove produces – up to £11,500. The government website has a very handy calculator, so you can see how much you could receive.

There are requirements you need to meet in order to be accepted, so make sure you have everything in order before you apply. You must live in England, Scotland or Wales and own your own home or be a private or social landlord. New-build properties are typically not eligible, the only exception being if you are building your own home.

What biofuel should I use in my biomass boiler?

The most efficient and cost-effective biofuel you can use is wood biomass pellets. Our premium wood biomass pellets here at the Super Calorific Pellet Company are a highly efficient, top-quality biofuel, perfect for any biomass stove or boiler you choose.

We use only locally-sourced FSC UK wood waste to produce our premium wood biomass pellets, much of which was material destined for landfill. The wood waste is dried and compressed under extreme pressures to produce the smooth pellets. This ensures the pellets have as little moisture as possible and a very high density of material, so they are incredibly efficient at burning and producing heat over a period of time. We have a range of wood pellets to choose from, including our premium wood biomass pellets, and our speciality torrefied pellets, so you can pick the ones that most suit your needs. 


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Want to know more about biomass boilers and stoves? Take a look online for more information on sizes, pricing and efficiency ratings before making your decision.