Beginner’s Guide to Biomass Pellets

Here at The Super Calorific Pellet Company, we love all things biofuel and creating high quality, cost-effective wood biomass pellets that effectively fuel as well as help prolong the life of your biomass boiler. This handy guide will give you an introduction to biomass fuel pellets, how they are made, and why we do what we do.

What are biomass pellets?


Biomass pellets are a type of biofuel. Much like briquettes, they are essentially wood shavings or sawdust that has been compressed under incredibly high pressure. Pellets, however are smaller and have undergone more intense compression to produce the tighter, smoother pellet shape. This creates a higher density, lower moisture biomass product that is an effective and efficient fuel which produces significantly more energy than just burning wood. When burned, the pellets are smokeless and produce very little ash.  


What are biomass pellets used for?

Biomass wood pellets are used as an effective biofuel for biomass boilers, ideal for use at home or at your business. Choosing high quality wood pellets is essential for the life and performance of your biomass boiler. This is why wood biomass pellets from The Super Calorific Pellet Company have a high calorific value, meaning they burn hotter for longer and with minimum waste. They are also a highly efficient biofuel and therefore cost-effective because you don’t need a lot of them to fuel your biomass boiler.

What are biomass fuel pellets made of?

Our range of high quality biomass pellets are made from only locally sourced FSC wood waste. They are ENplus® A1 certified and BSL accredited, meaning they meet Renewable Heat Incentive requirements.

Are biomass pellets eco-friendly?


Our wood biomass pellets are a greener alternative to other fuel sources, such as fossil fuels like coal.


They are made from only locally sourced FSC wood waste, therefore they are as environmentally friendly as they can be, and have as low a carbon footprint as possible. We produce our high quality wood fuel pellets right here in the UK at our manufacturing centre, further reducing transportation costs. 



Are there different types of biomass pellets?

We produce two types of biomass pellets, both of which are excellent biofuels for pellet burning boilers:

Wood pellets


Our Premium Biomass Pellets are a highly effective, efficient biofuel and are produced under incredibly high pressure, have a high calorific content and produce very little ash. These are available in convenient 15kg bags, or pallets through our easy online ordering system.



Torrefied pellets 500x500


We also produce Torrefied Pellets, which is wood waste such as shavings that has undergone the process of torrefaction and highly compressed to become a substance similar to coal. These are an even more effective source of biofuel as they have a very low moisture content and even higher calorific value, so you need less pellets to fuel your biomass boiler than regular pellets. They are also hydrophobic, so there’s no trouble storing them even in damp and wet conditions. These are also available in 15kg bags or by pallet through our easy online ordering system.


Want to know more? Our products page has further information on all of our high quality wood biomass pellets.

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